Campaign for Wool : Why Wool Matters

The Campaign For Wool : Why Wool Matters : Mini-documentary
A short thought-provoking documentary film, produced by "The Campaign for Wool", which features HRH The Prince of Wales, as well as many other voices and opinions to highlight the many benefits of wool.

The mini film is aimed at the general consumer, as well as environmental experts, farmers, the trade, retail buyers, educational networks, and influencers. Hoping to raise awareness on the topic, through these various groups of people and industries.   

The Campaign for Wool - Patron : HRH The Prince of Wales
Amongst a background of misleading information, “The Campaign for Wool” decided to engage with leading academic experts within the field of land management, and carbon sequestration, in order to demonstrate the positive pastoral contribution of the grazing ruminants. In particular focusing on sheep, demonstrating their continued wellbeing of the planet. These peer reviewed findings add to already well documented research, revealing wool’s unique, renewable, and biodegradable end of life attributes. As well as documenting the contribution the fibre makes to the circular economy.
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Featuring HRH The Prince of Wales, narrated by Alex James